Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why ISSL ?

Why should you choose us?

At International Stem cell Services, we are always committed to your well-being and strive to bring to you the very best service whether it is stem banking, stem cell therapy and stem cell storage. We have always maintained the highest standards so you can be rest-assured that you are in safe hands. Here are some more things to consider when weighing your options for stem cell storage and therapy.

Our Experience

International Stem cell Services is based upon strong fundamentals with more than 50 years of combined experience in stem cell-related research and stem cell storage in india. Dr. S. G. A. Rao, the CMD of International Stem cell Services is a pioneer in stem cell research and has spear-headed the stem cell revolution in India. In addition, our scientific team also comprises of experts in a number of related disciplines including immunology, tissue engineering, and gene therapy.


Formed in 2003, International Stem cell Services is the longest running autologous banking company in India. Till date we have stored more than 5000 cord and cord blood units.

Giving you more banking options

Only at International Stem cell Services you have the option of storing stem cells, both cord blood storage as well as umbilical cord stem cell storage itself. Umbilical cord storage and cord blood storage provide an excellent source of hematopoeitic progenitor stem cells while the umbilical cord blood offers a valuable source of mesenchymal stem cells. In addition, we offer unique services such as stem cell expansion. To know more about the potential of stem cells, please visit our Learning center.

Pioneering stem cell therapies

From the very beginning we have always strongly believed that the value of stem cells can be realized only when scientifically and clinically sound stem cell therapies applications are available. Therefore, instead of focusing only on banking, we have always shared our scientific expertise in stem cells with various clinicians to develop clinically relevant protocols for a number of diseases. In the past year we have been successful in conducting several stem cell clinical trials pertaining to disease conditions like Chronic Liver Disease, Myocardium infarction, spinal cord injury, osteoarthritis, including the world’s second largest trial in Buerger’s disease.

Financial stability

International Stem cell Services is a financially sound company which is debt-free so you do not have to worry about losing your child’s cells at any time. Moreover, we guarantee that you will have access to the cells you store with us.

Control of processing and storage

Instead of relying on third-party technology to process and store cord blood, At International Stem cell Services, we utilize our vast in-house experience and has full control over the processes of stem cell storage and umbilical cord storage that determine the reliability of the final product.


Since its inception, International Stem cell Services has helped more than a hundred people by providing cGMP grade stem cells for treating a number of different diseases. We have consistently achieved a 100% record in safety and efficacy.


We are deeply committed to providing our quality services at the most affordable price to you. Our stem cell storage service cost is still thousands of rupees lower than our competitors.

Personalized service

We are the only company in India that provides a dedicated, personalized service to you. Our local representatives will be available to you at every step of the way. You will not have to rely on unpredictable courier services that may lead to the loss of your baby’s valuable possession.

Special benefits of banking with International Stem cell Services

Referral Program
Once you are a part of our family, please best rest assured that we take care of all your requirements in the area of stem cells ie from banking to therapy. In this regard, you could refer our company to your friends and relatives for banking and therapy services. In doing so, we will return the gesture by including you in our referral program which will include a referral fee or a break for therapy procedure involving our company.

Stem Cell Expansion Services
As we are a knowledge based company, research and training are vital components. The logical research interest for us is in stem cell expansion .and providing the same to our clients. We have patents ( ongoing) on several protocols in hematopoietic as well as mesenchymal stem cells.

Sibling Donor Program

Families with one beta Thalassaemic child can bank cord blood stem cells from their subsequent child for transplant purposes. This service has found itself very relevant ot parents who have the older child suffering from hematopoietic disorders, which could be easily treated if they would store the next /subsequent child’s cord blood stem cells. We are very actively promoting this concept and we also offer special rates for such parents. As our motto is banking to therapy, we will make sure that we go hand in hand with our clients till the last lap

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