Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clinical Trial at ISSL

Clinical Trials

Disease Clinical partner and location No. of patients Results
Buerger’s Disease Dr. K. R. Suresh/ Bhagawan
Mahavir Jain Hospital, Bangalore
45 Safety and Efficacy established. Published in Journal of Vascular Surgery, December 2008 – Pubmed link
Chronic Liver Failure Dr. C. M. Habibullah/ CLRD, Hyderabad 5 Safety and efficacy established. Published in Tranplantation Proceedings – Pubmed link
Spinal Cord Injury Dr. Arvind Bhateja/ Sita Bhateja
Specialty Hospital, Bangalore
5 Safety established.
Osteoarthritis Dr. Rudraprasad/ Isha - International Stem cell Services
Therapy Center, Bangalore
5 Safety established.
Muscular Dystrophy Dr . Jayarajan/Ayurvedagram 5 Safety established.
Myocardial infarction Trinity Hospital 4 Safety established

We are offering treatment for: Diabetes, Parkinson’s, non healing fractures, and cancer therapy (vaccines), chronic liver disease and kidney failure.

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