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WE are happy to share with you the proceedings of STEM 2010 which is organized every year under the umbrella of the Society of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue engineering (SRMTE, This year it was held in GOA, in the International centre, on 31st January-1st February 2010, jointly with the Government of Goa. The chief sponsors for the event was International Stemcells Ltd (ISSL) and SR Biotechnologies (research and development partner). We also had corporate sponsors like Millipore who strengthened their position with us by supporting the society meeting. The event was graced by the Vice Chancellor of the Goa University, who inaugurated the event. We had eminent speakers from the field of stem cells both basic and translational and clinicians.

STEM 2010 started off with a huge bang and was supported by all the delegates including our student body, who had come to attend our conference. The society was incepted in 2004 and the community is growing with members from all walks of life. Students, stem cell biologists, doctors, tissue engineers and the likes find a common platform to converge and merge, and forge ahead with newer reinforced mission to bring forth stem cell therapy in
new forms, always.

Dr. S.G.Ananda.Rao,Chairman, Director
ISSL, at STEM 2010.

Inaugural speech by Dr.Dilip

Inauguration of STEM 2010

The meeting kicked off with the VC of Goa University taking us back in time, when stem cell application was still a fairy tale, and definite steps towards applying 7the thought was still in shrouds.

Dr. Gururaj.A.Rao, Director ISSL, at the meeting.

Our Chairman Director Dr.

S.G.Ananda.Rao felicitating Dr.


Life sciences students attending

STEM 2010.

ISSL Banner at the venue, International

Centre, GOA.

Our Delegates at STEM 2010.

Our Team at STEM 2010.

Stem cell therapy requires an amalgamation of basic sciences with clinical practioners for which, ISSL strives in joining hands with leading experts in bringing together therapy options in areas of several untreatable diseases. ISSL is the first company in India, who is giving you banking to therapy option.

AS you have committed yourself into this family by banking with us, you are now a part of this tumultuous journey with us, where our sole aim is to offer you therapy options with stem cells in treating certain diseases which could be otherwise not possible. This will make it worthwhile that you have banked your precious child’s stem cells with u We as a company realize our responsibility towards our bankers to keep you abreast with the latest on stem cell application. We also are proud to share with you the clinical research we have done in our company to make stem cell application a reality.

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Diabetic neuropathy.

Non healing fractures.

Chronic Liver failure.

Spinal Cord Injuries.

Multiple Sclerosis. (Clinical Trial ongoing)

Ischemic Heart Disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease (including Diabetic nephropathy) Osteo arthritis.

Cancer therapy. Muscular Dystrophy.

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