Thursday, February 18, 2010



STEM 2010 CONFERENCE will bring people who are working in the field of Stem cell Research leading towards Stem Cell therapy. It will give ample scope to interact with leading personalities in this field. This field of research in stem cell biology would lead to possible treatment of presently incurable diseases like Spinal cord injury, Parkinson, diabetic, cancer, generic diseases etc.

Stem Cell research is a very frontline subject at this moment all over the world, and scientist working in this area will get an opportunity to come together at this conference and share their findings and brainstorm on this subject which will lead to future path in India.

Conference was held in Goa from Jan 31 st Feb 1st and more than 10 reputed companies have attended the conference. To name the few,

  • International Stemcell Services Ltd
  • S R Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd
  • Avesthagen
  • Indus Instruments Impex Pvt Ltd
  • Stem Life, Malaysia
  • Bio Informatics Institute, Singapore
  • Stemcyte Therapeutics India Pvt Ltd
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  • ReeLab
  • Cytori Therapeutics
  • Axis Bank
  • BD BioSciences
  • Millipore India
  • Emprocells
  • Cell Bios

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